Q: Are there cooking facilities available?

A: We are not self-catering, but we are happy to serve you delicious food for a reasonable price, and an optimal holiday feeling.


Q Do I need a 4×4 driving to Quissico?

A To reach your destination BULBUL-homestay, we do advice you to drive a 4×4.

Q Is it okay to drive at night?

A Though no bad incidents have been reported, it is better to drive in daylight, roads and cars are poorly lit.

Shopping and money in Quissico

Q Are there banks and ATM’s in Quissico?

A There are 3 ATM’s in Quissico. You can change money here, but it is easier to do so in Maputo.

A Should I bring drinking water?

Q Our lodge pumps crystal clear drinking water from deep down into the dunes.


Q Is it safe to swim in the lake and sea and to walk on the beach and along the lake shores?

A It is perfectly safe to swim and walk around, there are no wild animals. The sea can be rough though, so be careful there!

On the lake, motorboats are prohibited.


If you would like to make a reservation, you can contact us on these phone numbers.

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